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When it comes to local Boise heating, air conditioning, and Kuna HVAC repair there are a lot of factors that can affect the efficiency of the system. If the ducts are broken and leaking, you are just wasting good money in thin air (literally), but there are other factors like insulation and location that can affect how your Boise Furnace or HVAC unit operates.

If your Boise or Kuna home is not adequately insulated or the AC or Heating unit is located in the hottest part of the home it is going to have to work much harder, which will reduce the life of the unit, and cost you more in the long run. At Cooling Heating Boise, we make sure that our technicians and local Boise HVAC repair guys are equipped with this type of knowledge in order tackle and solve your problem in the most effective and efficient way possible.


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Kuna HVAC Repair Contractors

When most Boise HVAC repair contractors suggest that you install a new HVAC or Furnace unit, they automatically suggest replacing the furnace with the same size unit that you already have. For instance, if you have a 3-ton unit, they will just go ahead and make the assumption that a 3-ton is sufficient for your Boise or Kuna home. However, in most cases it is safe to assume that, but if you have made additions or changes to the home, a new heat load calculation needs to be performed.

We equip our Boise and Kuna sales staff with the HVAC tools and the HVAC knowledge to perform a heat load calculation before giving you a quote on a new HVAC unit. Not only does this ensure that you are going to get the proper sized unit, but it can also give you can estimate of what it will cost annually to heat and cool your Boise home with this new HVAC unit.

This can come in handy when it comes to deciding the type of efficiency you might be looking for because it is usually very hot or very cold in the Boise, Kuna, and Treasure Valley Idaho area.